Night Serum: That Fix Every Type Of Skin Problem


We have all, at some point, heard of different kinds of night serums. Have you ever wondered what exactly serums do for your face and …


Travel Makeup Kits for All Skin Types

Everybody loves to travel light, don’t they? And how can one be off on a holiday without one’s precious makeup and skincare products? If you …

lipstick shades

Lipstick Shades for Indian Skin Tone

Lipstick is an integral part of any woman’s makeup routine. Even the ones who don’t quite have an elaborate routine prefer dabbing some colour on …


What is the Best CTM Routine for All Skin Types

Anybody who is remotely into skincare would know what a CTM routine is. It is that universal routine that everyone should follow, irrespective of  their …


Fabulous Eyeshadows to Change Your Eye Look


The Best Bronzers for Indian Skin Tone That You Must Try

Bhumi Launches #IAmMany With Boddess

Bhumi Pednekar is proud to be associated with #IAmMany – a campaign that advocates celebrating & embracing your true self. A woman can be fun …


Dark Circles: How to Instantly Reduce

Tired of looking at your reflection in the mirror and seeing those unsightly dark circles around your eyes? Who isn’t! Irrespective of how many hours …


5 Best Sunscreen Lotions for All Skin Types


5 Makeup Must Haves For Your Bridal Kit

Have the D-Day preparation jitters brought you here? We got you here. While you are preparing for your wedding day and are all ready to …

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