10 Peach Manicures You Need To Bookmark For Your Next Nail Appointment

It’s no news that peach is the official colour of Spring-Summer. It comes with a vacation vibe with a subtle hint of glam to it. Well, our favourite drinks are peach coloured, the picturesque Summer sunset is peach-hued and now our Summer nails are peach too! That’s right! We’ve decoded the trendiest nail moment of the Season (and beyond)- peach nails!

Soft and sweet, pastel and electric, peach manicures are like the dogs of the animal world – universally loved. Depending on your choice of saturation, peach nails can perfectly fit any vibe – from a formal French manicure to headlining bright peach claws. Here are some of our faves that you need to bookmark for your next salon appointment. 

1. Sweet Swirls

Eye-catchy swirl manicure with a hint of glitter glam is all you need to rule Summer sundowners this Season.

2. Minimalist Chic

Love to keep it minimal? This peach heart manicure is just for you!

3. Peach Me Up!

These vibrant peach nails scream a beach vacation, and isn’t that what we all need?

4. Peach-Mango Sorbet

Our favourite Summer fruits mixed in one – hands down, got us drooling.

5. Pink ‘N Peach

This colour combo + the swirl design = Liked, Loved, Favourited!

6. Floral Fiesta

Summer & Spring nails are almost incomplete without some floral fun, aren’t they?  

7. Peachy Pup

Peachy nails, with peaches on them? Sign me up!

8. Gel-tastic

Peachy gel nails look equal parts upbeat and subtle – all at the same time.

9. Gradient Glam

We’ve had the gradient fever since 2015, and we don’t want to look back.

10. French Fanatic

The classic French manicure with a LOVEly twist.

Which of these peach manicures speak to you? From the flashiest to the subtle-est we’ve made sure to capture the best of all the vibes into this list of trending peach nails for you and the everchanging moods of the Season. So call your nail tech now and tell her about the Summer transformation your nails have on the charts!

Featured Image: Pexels

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