Travel Makeup Kits for All Skin Types


Everybody loves to travel light, don’t they? And how can one be off on a holiday without one’s precious makeup and skincare products? If you are tired of carrying around your collection of numerous lipsticks shades and eye shadow palettes, your best bet would be to invest in a travel makeup kit. You would be surprised to know what some of these tiny boxes contain! To make things easier for you, here are some of the best professional makeup kits that are designed to be used when you are on the go!

Miss Claire Makeup Palette 9922– We like to call this one the mother-of-all makeup kits! It is hands down the best professional makeup kit for all skin types. It has a whopping ninety different shades of eyeshadow, four shades of blush, three compact powders, six lip gloss shades, enclosed applicators, a double-ended brush, and a large mirror. Every colour is highly pigmented, and the brushes simply slide over the skin. 

Miss Claire Makeup Palette 9922

No matter what your skin tone is, you’ll find shades that would perfectly complement you. The variety of shades on this palette ensures that you are ready to sport any look you would want, be it a nude makeup look for a quiet lunch or a glitzy, glammed-up look perfect to hit the dance floors at the end of the day!

Miss Claire Makeup Palette 9916 – If you like going back to your trusted looks and do not like experimenting much, or if the sheer number of colours and shades in the previous Miss Claire Makeup Palette felt overwhelming, this one may be just for you. It is much more compact than the 9922, featuring twelve eyeshadows, three shades of blush, a dual applicator, and a mirror. 

Miss Claire Makeup Palette 9916

This palette doesn’t come with lip glosses, but we’ll let you in on one of the best-kept secrets in the makeup industry. Use your eyeshadow as a lip colour if you are out and need to add some glamour to your lips! The highly pigmented nature of these colours means that they are a delight to apply. If you are travelling ultralight, look no further, you have found the best face makeup kit.

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Palette – This UK-based brand offers a stunning range of palettes incredibly friendly in our pockets! Our personal favourite is the Makeup Revolution Reloaded Palette Velvet Rose that suits a variety of skin tones. 

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Palette

It features fifteen warm and cool shades ranging from the quintessential browns and beiges to glittery golds, and one of the darkest blacks we have seen on a palette. Isn’t that just splendid when all our favourite shades end up on the same palette!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette – The best professional makeup kit should be three things – lightweight, long-lasting, and easy to use. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette ticks off all three from the above list. 

It features seven matte and seven metallic shades that can be multi-purposed as eyeshadow, lip tint, a bronzer, as well as a highlighter! A large mirror and a dual-ended makeup brush that snugly fits inside the packing makes it a wonderful travel companion.

Smashbox Cali Contour Blush, Highlighter, & Bronzer Face Palette – This cute, little. Smashbox from Cali Contour holds within itself three matte and two pearlescent shades that serve as both bronzers and highlighters, and a matte blush in a hue that would look divine on our Indian skin tone. It is so compact that you can slip it into the pocket of your pants and forget that it is even there!

Whether you are going away for the weekend or backpacking across Europe, a travel makeup kit ought to be essential in every girl’s luggage. Pick one that would precisely suit your needs so that you look your very best every day, wherever you are.

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