Bhumi Launches #IAmMany With Boddess

Bhumi Pednekar is proud to be associated with #IAmMany – a campaign that advocates celebrating & embracing your true self.

A woman can be fun & powerful all at once – & that is the essence of #BoddessIAmMany. “There are so many aspects to a woman, there are days when I am happy, I am fierce…my mood changes on an hourly basis,” says Bhumi.

Bhumi For Boddess

“I Am Many” is a cultural opportunity. Channeling the brand’s core philosophy, fearlessness, inclusivity and optimism, the campaign encourages women to embrace all parts of themselves and be proud of their avatars.

Talking about the campaign, she says that it celebrates women & their strength to adapt to different situations “A woman has so many aspects to her. She’s a mother, she’s a daughter, she’s a sister, she’s a friend. I feel that’s what I Am Many means. Having so many personalities to that one unique person.”

Through #IAmMany, we aim at disintegrating the ‘you can be either this or that’ narrative and we will be focusing on celebrating different versions of oneself.

Within this concept of diversity in individuality, the campaign envisions to create an impact through disruptive storytelling and engage effectively with customers.

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