Hair Color Ideas For Indian Skin Tones

Confused if you should throw in ravishing reds, peachy pinks, or elegant browns to your hair color? We all have been there and done that. Changing your hair color can definitely give you a radical makeover, however, it could also open doors to regret, so it is quite natural to feel skeptical before taking a plunge on your hair color. 

Before you finalize the perfect hue for your hair color, first start by understanding what color shades suit your type of skin tone. To avoid a bad hair color decision, here is a quick trick to check your skin tone:

  1. Look for a naturally lit spot to check your skin tone, checking it under artificial light or light bulbs could give you an incorrect idea
  2. Next up check the color of the visible veins on your arm
  • If your veins appear to be green, you have a dusky skin tone
  • If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a fair skin tone
  • If your veins appear both blue and and green, you have a neutral skin tone

Now that you know what your skin tone is you can lock in on the color you want to go for your hair. 

To kickstart your shade run, here are a few hair colors that go really well with Indian skin tones. Once you zero in the hair color you want you can easily buy hair color online, and we at Boddess have got quite a few options for you.

Chocolate Brown

A universal hue that goes well with every skin tone, chocolate brown hair color understands the assignment well. A deliciously trending take on hues of brown, chocolate brown gives you velvety hues of tones of brown which can make your face appear younger with its glossy and summery finish. 

Ash Brown

A perfect blend of notes of brown and silver, Ash brown hair color can give your natural tresses a dreamy makeover. A lesser known variant of brunette hair color, it is also known as mushroom brown, this hair color touches into the variety of shades of grey. This unique mix of shades lets you play with the cool shades of the spectrum. 

Honey Blonde

We all at some point have wanted to be a part of the blonde nation but have never got the confidence to ease into it. Well good news, honey blonde lets you tactfully test the waters. A mix of golden yellow and amber brown lets you get that instant sunbaked look. If you are feeling really inspired, this is the hair color that can give you a major hair upgrade and still be subtle. 

Chestnut Brown

Ravishing reds look so mesmerizing, right? To ease into the redhead family without fully becoming one, you can go with chestnut brown, this hair color is a mix of warm reds and shades of browns which lets you add warmth to your tresses without letting you look that you went overboard. 

Midnight Blue

Blue hair is a dream for most of the women, isn’t that right? But how can one do it the subtle way without getting a dramatic change? Midnight blue is the answer to this. This hair color is a sultry, yet subtle version of blue cloud that gives your locks a hint of dark hues of the night sky. 

Here are a few color mates for you to try now:

L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color 

Give your hair the brownie makeover with the L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color range. L’oreal hair color prices are so reasonable and lets you get the look you want right in the comfort of your home. This casting crème gloss is ammonia-free which gives you a glossy shine in no time. This range can give you the richness of natural hair color which can last up to 28 shampoos. The super-nourishing formula of this hair color leaves your nourished, voluptuous, and soft.

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color

Crafted with a triple care formula, the L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color gives you triple care colour with 100 % coverage for greys from root to tips. This long lasting hair color gives you a rich and even twist to your hair with silky soft touch. This hair color range gives you triple protection where the ceramide protects, pro-keratin strengthens, and collagen replenishes. This pack comes with coloring crème, developer, conditioner, and a protective serum. 

You will find the L’oreal hair color prices quite pocket friendly, so what are you waiting for?

Visit Boddess and buy hair color online at ease and give your hair the makeover you have been eyeing for now!

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