Get Your Lips Smooth and Hydrated with Brand Lip Care Products


Your lips do so much every day: you speak with love, you kiss for care and you smile to brighten your day. So it only makes sense to give your lips the best care which is handy, hassle-free and leaves you feeling sweeter! Good thing that we’ve got it all on Boddess: 100% cruelty-free lip care products so you nourish all day them with only the best. From 100% vegan goodness Plum to globally-acclaimed cruelty-free lip care The Body Shop, find the best lip care products and lip balms for dry lips at special prices only on Boddess.

Best lip care products for intense nourishment: Boddess recommends

At Boddess, we ensure that you find the best of lip care products from international brands all under one roof. Check out our top recommendations below for an easy add-to-cart and check out experience!

1. The Body Shop Lip Care Products

Crafted with natural ingredients and made in a 100% cruelty-free manner, The Body Shop lip care products will be your lips’ BFF! From lip balms for dry lips to lip butters and roll-ons, find your lip match from The Body Shop on Boddess.

2. Maybelline New York Lip Balm for Dry Lips

The causes of dry lips maybe many but the solution is definitely Maybelline New York. Soothe chapped and dry lips daily with Baby Lips, Maybelline’s moisturizing lip balm for dry lips that heals and also gives your pout a pretty tint of colour. Shop them on Boddess at special deals.

3. Miss Claire treats for Best Lip Care

Give your pout a vibrant colour and intense nourishment with Miss Claire Lip Balms for dry lips. They come in juicy flavours and pretty shades to give your lips the best moisturization and pout-ready goodness.

4. Estee Lauder Intense Lip Care Products

Get the best of internationally-formulated lip care from Estee Lauder. Their new pure Color Envy Nighttime Rescue Lip-Oil Serum revitalizes dry, dull lips and hydrates them overnight to reveal softer, smoother and kissable lips.

5. Laneige Lip Care for Intense hydration

Reveal supple lips every day with skincare secrets from Korea! Shop innovative lip care masks from Korean beauty brand Laneige at exclusive prices only on Boddess. Laneige lip care products are high on natural ingredients and contain hyaluronic acid to intensely replenish lips.

6.     Innisfree Lip Balm for dry lips

Lightweight and made with moisture-boosting plant oils, improve your lips’ natural flush with Lip Balms from Innisfree. They’re formulated with natural ingredients for a fresh lip-look that keep your lips looking hydrated and feeling soft.

Find leading lip care brands like these and more at exclusive discounts only on Boddess! Get started on your lip care cart now!

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