Travel with Anastasia this Summer, Rule the Entire Vacation with Your Bold Looks

Ever since 2014, when Anastasia Beverly Hills blew up by expanding itself into complete range of cosmetic lines, the brand has become quite a favorite in the makeup industry. 

With numerous beauty influencers pushing their followers to buy Anastasia products online, ABH has become a leading brand on beloved cosmetic stores like Sephora. Anastasia cosmetic products online, have built up quite a cult following thanks to their glamorous, classic and cutting-edge colours. 

Make Your Summer Vacation Colourful 

This summer, if you’re planning a vacation on some cool hill station or a pleasant party destination, then you have got some wiggle room to experiment with your colourful looks. You can’t wear extra-sensuous & colourful makeup in office, your boss would probably complain and call you unprofessional. So why not mix some colours, try out new look, and add a little extra spice to your glamour? 

So, if you are looking for some righteous Anastasia cosmetic products online to rule your vacation look, here are some options, which would suit as your travel companion. 

Jackie Aina Palette (Eyeshadow) – This limited-edition bestseller has been devised in collaboration with renowned beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina who has vocally advocated for people of colour in the makeup industry. With shades complimenting darker complexions, you will definitely find something that will stand out as your new signature look. 

Luminous Foundation – Foundation is called so for a reason. After all, your face is the real ‘money-maker’. This water-resistant foundation not only leaves you with a natural and ultra-fresh, but also lasts longer. With 50 natural shades and completely Vegan ingredients, all your skin imperfections will disappear.  

Brow Definer (Eyebrow Pencil) – Anastasia’s eye brow definer features a versatile set of integrated brushes in 3 different sizes. This multifunctional eye brow pencil can help you create Ultra Fine details, which will leave your girlfriends envious. Give your eyebrows a natural and clean finish and capture hearts with your soul capturing gaze.   

NORVINA Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 3  Coming from Anastasia Beverly Hill’s NORVINA collection, this professional pigment palette will transform you into a runway model. With 25 autumn themed colours, your make-up look can be more artistic than ever. With bold and highly pigmented inspiring colours, you can take your make-up routine to a whole new level.  

Liquid Lipstick – This signature lipstick from ABH provides full coverage to your lips, leaving a lasting matte look. It’s not as fussy as other liquid lipsticks in the market, as it dries off quite easily. Available in 45 different shades, you can go to town while experimenting with combinations of different shades, without losing any pigment.  

Don’t worry about travelling light when you are travelling with Anastasia. All that matters is you carrying your flawless face in all its glory. Make-up is not only essential, it’s a calling card for your unique look. So next time you buy Anastasia products online, be sure to check these suggestions out. 

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