Heed the Dangers of Buying Counterfeit Cosmetics Online, Stay Safe

Holi is coming soon and everyone is gearing up for the celebrations. From ‘Holika-Burning’ and colourful celebrations to Holi Parties, people take a plunge into full 2 days of festivities. Now if you ladies are looking to lock and reload your make-up arsenal, no one would judge you for spending hours to buy cosmetics online. After all, you’d want to turn heads as you make an entrance.

But cheap colours and COVID are not the only things you need to worry about, you also have to watch out for counterfeit cosmetics. With online sales during festivals rising, every little ecommerce operation comes out of the woodwork to take advantage. Most of them have a lot of fake and lookalike cosmetics. Not even giants like Amazon are safe from their claws. Last January, Amazon made the news for delivering expired and impostor products. A lot of reputed ecommerce marketplaces have been hijacked with counterfeit product lines.

Preying on Brand Recognition & Buying Seasons

Festival seasons usually see quite a noticeable spike in online sales. Why wouldn’t they? People often treat themselves because they’re happy, they want to buy gifts for their loved ones. There is also a sense of buyer’s urgency due to different offers. Of course, cheap knock-off manufacturers would try to capitalize on the same.

People often fall victim to these deceptive tactics. But sometimes, out of morbid curiosity, people would even try these products or even gift them. Don’t just look for discounts, look for quality too. If you’re going to buy cosmetics online,make sure you’re buying a genuine product. Next time you see a deal that’s ‘Too Good to be True’, you better give it a better look.

Too Much Is On Line Here

Fake cosmetics can really take your health for a ride. Majority of cosmetics confiscated turn out to be counterfeits, which can have drastic effect on your skin. Why wouldn’t it? After all manufacturers cut corners by using sub-standard, even toxic materials. This has already led to thousands of deaths every year for past few years. That number is going nowhere but up.

You are literally putting your life on risk, every time you use fake cosmetics.

Be Smart, Be Aware

Because of huge marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, etc., it has become really easy for knockoff manufacturers to build a strong online presence. There is not a lot you can do about it. But if you buy cosmetic products online in future, here are a few easy tips.

  • Avoid purchasing extremely high-discounted branded products from obscure online stores. Chances of those products being fake are very high.
  • Research the sellers/vendors before buying. If they’re not authorized to sell that brand, they are selling a knock off.
  • Take time and read product reviews before making a buying decision.

Make sure you buy original and genuine cosmetics only if you’re shopping online. It’s your health we’re talking about, be thorough.

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