What’s the purpose behind foundation?

As the name suggests, it is the base upon which your entire makeup look is built. Foundation is an umbrella term for vast products which might vary in colour, texture, and consistency. To break it into simple terms, the foundation is a cosmetic that has been applied to the whole face. Each product is different from others, and it is crucial to understand the difference to pick the best suitable.

1.       Coverage

The prime aspect of the foundation is coverage. In layman’s language, it means the pigment present in the foundation. Formulas with lower percentage of pigment provides medium coverage. In comparison, formulas with high pigment provide full coverage. A lighter foundation allows you to apply the product until you are delighted. Full coverage foundation is an excellent choice for skin issues such as acne or photoshoots and dramatic beauty look.

2.       Formula

Another crucial aspect of the foundation is that it comes in a stick, liquid, and cream form. You can find the best foundation for dry skin. Moreover, you can opt for powder foundations which rarely provide full coverage and needs to be reapplied all day long.

3.       Picking the finish

This is the last puzzle of finish. The foundations can be described as matter, radiant, or glowing. Words such as dewy, bright, and luminous contain light-reflecting pigments and give the skin a brilliant finish. This is important for those who want to make their dull skin turn into a youthful and healthy one.

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