How to establish a skin care routine that is right for dry skin?

If you’ve decided that your skin type is dry, the next move is to create the best skin care routine for your skin type.

As previously reported, it is not advisable to use any skin care product merely because a friend recommends it or because you learned it is “healthy” and believe it to be all your skin requires. It’s likely that your skin type is identical to your friend’s and that the product will work just fine for you; however, it’s also possible that the product will cause breakouts, irritation, clogged pores, or dryness.

Skin that is dry feels dry, flaky, and strong. No worries, with the right skin care routine and products, you will fix your skin’s issues. The goal of dry skin care should be to conserve and replenish skin lipids (oils). Ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol should all be used in moisturisers for people with dry skin.

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Morning Routine for Dry Skin

  • Cleansing

Harsh chemicals in foaming cleansers, creams, and lotions deplete skin’s natural oils (lipids), making already dry skin even drier. People with dry skin have a different washing routine than people with oily skin. If your skin is dry, you can skip this step entirely. If you do want to “freshen up” in the morning, use a gentle hydrating cleanser formulated especially for dry skin.

  • Exfoliation

Exfoliation, both non-chemical and chemical, is essential for dry skin to eliminate the top layer of dead cells that can cause flakiness. Using gentle exfoliants intended for dry skin and don’t exfoliate more than once or twice a week. When exfoliating, Do use SPF-containing materials.

  • Toner

Toner is an integral part of every skin care routine. Face toners are used after washing the face and before applying any other cosmetics. After washing, face toners rebalance the skin, eliminate extra dirt that was not picked up during cleansing, and prepare the skin for serums and moisturisers.

  • Moisturizer, Cream, Face Oil

Moisturizers and Creams are used to seal in all of the moisture and nutrients from the toner and essence/ampoule/serum; they also provide extra hydration, and some create a protective layer on the skin’s surface to prevent the moisturiser from drying out.

  • Sunscreen

This is a critical step in your skin care routine that should never be missed. Sunscreen is needed if you intend to spend more than 5 minutes outside. Sunscreen protects the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, avoiding premature ageing and even cancer.

I sincerely hope that this article will help you in creating your own skin-care routine. Use this post as a reference, and feel free to add or delete steps if they aren’t appropriate for you. There are a lot of great products for dry skin, so do your homework, read other people’s reviews, and try out samples if you can.

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