Master The Perfect EyeLiner!

Winged eyeliner is a prevalent look that mystifies many, but it’s shockingly easy to learn. The initial step (and the one that makes everything else so much relatively simple) is knowing your particular eye shape before you move to buy eyeliner online. Only then can you select the right eyeliner for you.

If your eyelid crease is not apparent when your eyes are open, you’re likely to have hooded eyes. Many people are anxious about eye makeup with hooded eyes, significantly because most makeup tutorials only feature eyes where the crease is revealed.

Don’t fret: applying perfect winged eyeliner to hooded eyes is super fast. Build the outer wingtip where the lid’s hood begins to ensure your cover does not hide the liner. Work your way inward, apply your liner in thin strokes and expand as needed.

There’s an easy makeup technique if you have close-set eyes that will play up their elegance: open your eyes by drawing a double wing. Draw your upper lash line along with the liner, then make a tiny flick outwards.

Mirror this on the bottom lash line, make sure that no more than the centre of your eye is added to the liner, or you will give the appearance of even closer-set eyes. Use a powder to draw your desired look, then enhance it with a liquid. Use this simple makeup removal trick only to clear it up if you make a mistake.

If the corners of your eyes are sloping toward your cheekbones, your eyes are downward. Apply the eyeliner from the inner corner to the outer corner in a thin line for downturned pupils. As a reference, use the outer corner of your eyebrow stretch your wing up toward the crease (do not extend further). Give a pop of colour to your overall look by choosing a lovely shade that complements your irises.

You probably have eyes with monolids if you have a very small or nonexistent crease. A thin winged appearance is desirable. Use a liquid liner to achieve the look. You may not have much room with a monolid, so by making sure the liner is smooth and straight, you may want to optimise it. Place the eyeliner’s tip on the lash line at the pupil for the thinnest practicable line, then draw to the outer corner. Then, begin and draw it from the inner corner to reach the middle point.

There are so many variants of cat-eye makeup, and to play on, monolids are the ideal canvas. Use a much thicker line for this more dramatic style, continuing to thicken the existing look by drawing layer after layer until you reach the desired thickness to cover the lid.

Nothing like a finely drawn dramatic winged eyeliner raises your eye makeup game. It looks crazy hot, and almost any kind of look complements it. With the hottest trend being the winged liner, you should not let your weak hands and lack of ability prevent you from accomplishing this feat. Follow these tips to get yourself the perfect waterproof eyeliner online or any other type, according to your choice. You should check out the vast collection at Boddess Beauty.

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