A brow is the game changer when it comes to facial beauty. But often, we encountered terrible eyebrow days. From dense to scare eyebrows, from over plucking to wrong brow pencil shade, reason can be many to rework on your brow. So, to look groomed every day, it is time to up your brow with these simple steps.

Step 1 : Brush them up

The first step is to brush your brow to understand the best shape and work on it.

Step 2 : Outline to define

Next step is to outline your brow with a slim pencil. An ultra-slim pencil with wax formula helps outline and detail brows. It adds texture and gives a fuller look to your thin brow with hair-like strokes in areas with lesser hair.

Step 3 : Fill the gaps

Now, with the shape defined, it’s time to fill the brow in shape just made with a brow pencil. Start with light strokes and have control on your hand while filling. Use a spoolie to blend the highlighting for a natural look.

Step 4 : Pomade it up

To keep the highlights and filling intact, it’s time to use a waterproof pomade to fill and detail brows. The buildable formula makes the make-up stay long and dries entirely with a natural-looking texture.

Step 5 : Wrap Up

It’s time to wrap up with highlighting and concealing pencil. It highlights the brow bone and gives a final finish to the brow. Remove any extras.

Tada! It’s done. Now you will never leave the house with a wrong brow, you already know the tricks 😊

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