Your Face Wash is Not Enough to Remove Makeup / Should Makeup Remover be a key component to your skin care routine?

Wearing makeup delights you and sparkles your personality and skin. But this is just one side of the coin. Let’s flip the coin and see what our skin goes through after everyday makeup — ouch pore blocking, pimples, blackheads, and more. So, if you love your skin, you need to have the right skincare regimen for ever-glowing and beautiful skin even after wearing makeup daily or too much traveling. No, no, its not a night cream or fruit facial or a face wash. It is …ta da Makeup remover.

What wonders a makeup remover can do?

–  Right makeup removing product cleanses the surface of your skin. It removes impurity and dirt settled on your skin without being harsh on it. An oil-based cleansing oil can do wonders by hydrating the surface without making it greasy.

– Everyday use reduces the chances of pimples and blemishes. Try to have a cleanser with lemon or green tea extracts to revive your skin that was carrying chemicals all day long and enjoy a supple skin.

– It puts a halt to dead skin build-up and restrains or delays any chemical reaction from happening.

– Especially in case of eyes with heavy makeup, rubbing them with face wash can cause severe damage. Liquid formula over cotton or makeup remover wipes the best here.

Lastly, makeup removers make your skin feel light and breath properly and stimulate microcirculation for you to carry any makeup without a second thought and feel just awesome.

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