Let’s find you the right blend: The best shampoo for your hair

It’s been ages, but the problem of right shampoo is yet a mystery for many. Every month shopping new shampoo for a hit and trial is no better but a curse for your hair. The shampoo is a two-sided sword that can become the best friend or the worst enemy of your hair. So, the first step to beautiful hair is finding the right formulation for your scalp type and hair type.

Shampoo for the Scalp type

Oily scalp – For oily scalp, it is necessary to have shampoo with powerful antioxidants and detoxing agents like volcanic green clay (https://www.boddess.com/shampoo-volcanic-green-clay-and-acai-oil-250-g.html) and berry oil that deeply cleans hair removing excess oil and balances pH

Dry & frizzy- Frizzy and dry scalp issues are quite common in India, which is a majorly because of pollution and diet. Most shampoos are anti-frizz, but results are not visible. You need Ph adjuster and viscosity modifier shampoo. It should offer hair conditioning with extracts of honey and ginger (https://www.boddess.com/ginger-antidandruff-shampoo-400ml.html)

Shampoo for hair type

Thin hair – Even after good volume, many struggles with the issue of weak hair, eventually becoming the major reason for hair loss. So you need potion having antifungal and antibacterial elements (https://www.boddess.com/luxurious-ayurvedic-aloe-vera-shampoo-200ml.html) like Aloe Vera, Shikaki, Amla tea tree oil and more that leads to strong and nourished locks promoting new hair growth.

Damaged hair – From treatments, pollution to wrong shampoos, hair damage is a serious and common problem resulting in hair fall. Get a shampoo that’s high in protein, natural olive oil to promote the renewal of cell (https://www.boddess.com/scalp-revitalizing-shampoo-225ml.html)and hair nourishment https://www.boddess.com/hibiscus-shampoo-265-ml.html)

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