Ingredient Spotlight: Almond (Beauty Benefits of adding to your skin care)

“Oh, my skin is so dry today. My face seems so gloomy. It seems my skin is aging and I have lost the glow.” Such numerous issues are faced and shared by people and us around almost every day. Skin is a sensitive organ that always needs extra care. It plays a significant role in boosting confidence in every field of life.

So how to get it right it is done right — with almonds.

Don’t let it dry – seal the moisture in the skin, especially lips with the use of almonds and Jojoba oil. Rich in Vitamin E and B-complex, the oil heals chapped skin and damaged hair. It nourishes the skin well.

Take care of the sensitivity – Almond with milk and honey restore body butter and soothes your skin, removing any itching. It prevents dehydration and presents a youthful-looking complexion.

Winter’s relief – Advent of winters welcome extreme dryness. Sweet almond oil is an amazing moisturizer that’s absorbed quickly by the body. It has anti-aging properties and works as a natural moisturizer. With honey, the formulation even helps in curing acne.

Hair care – Just like other body parts, almonds milk protein with Arnica does wonders to your damaged hair. It brings back the shine and strength you have been searching for. It works great in treating split ends and hair fall. The frizz-free hair feels softer and easily detangles. Lemon and amla are added gems for hair.    

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