How to get fuller brows with a brow brush/ brow products

Fuller brows or big brows are absolutely eye-catching and not going out of trend anytime soon. They complete your many party or office looks. But many of us struggle with thin or wrongly done eyebrows. Let’s put a full stop to the query with these brow products and processes that can make you look the best any day.

  1. Define the shape- Like you need to identify the best foundation for your skin, you need to know the best shape of brows for your face. Here’s how you can define the perfect eyebrow shape (Golden Ratio) because this is what changes the way you look.
  2. Brush the brow- To start with the fill-in process, brush the hair upward. This will give a clear picture of your eyebrow shape and patches status to understand which areas need more filling.
  3. Fill them – Use Perfect Brow Pencil -Dark Brown to fill your brows. Keep short strokes in the direction of the hair, i.e., a bit slanting as your hair grows from the skin to outwards. But move your filler upward for the area near the nose (head of your eyebrow).

How to get fuller brows 2

4. Add powder – To define your eyebrows, add ABH Brow Powder Duo to the eyebrows in color that is most apt for your face. Make sure to use short motions. Don’t cover the full brow; keep the inner area free for a full and natural look.

5. Extras out please – Brush out the extra powder for the natural look and seamless blending.

6. Finishing touch – Use Brow Wiz to outline and detail brows after they are filled. Now with Precision Tweezers tweeze away the extra hair for the complete fuller look.

How to get fuller brows 3

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