Golden Ratio Method

Eyebrows enhance the beauty of the face, and no one knows the secret of perfect arches but Anastasia Soare. She took the world by a stormy obsession with brows even before she launched her brand Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH). So, if you have been wondering how to achieve the best arches, we are here to demystify the Golden Ratio Eyebrow Shaping Technique by Anastasia.

The formula works on an individual’s bone structure delivering balance and proportion uniquely to each face. Let’s unbox the technique step by step

  1. Keep your tools ready and assembled. You would need thread, tweezer(Precision Tweezers), primer, pencil and more
  2. Clean your eyebrows to make the process less painful and untangle brow hair
  3. Use patented ABH Golden Ratio technique to find the highest point of the arch (line b), the right distance between eyes according to your face (line a) and endpoint for the brow (line c). And get it to thread accordingly
  4. For final shaping, use brow primer (Brow Primer) that perfectly holds the brow hair in the exact place, giving a natural look and creating an excellent base to use Brow Powder Duo.
  5. Recheck for any extra hair that’s going outside the shape and tweeze. Don’t over-tweeze.

Golden Ratio 2

6. Next to accentuate your brows, use Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil. The shimmer end of the Duo Pencil highlights the brow bone, and matte end does the magic of defining brow line.

7. Use ABH Clear Brow Gel-Clear for the final finish. It offers a polished look when applied in an upward direction in short strokes.

Get set and hit the ground with your killer, natural eyebrows 😊Golden Ratio 3

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