Feathered Brows – Trend

Take a break from arched and rounded brows with this new trending feathered brows. Love it or hate it; this style is hard to resist and absolutely dramatic. No bejeweling, no highlighting, just easy and quick way to accentuate your fashion sense. So how to get this look?

Feathered Brows 1
  • First get your eyebrows done in a defined shape that suits your face
  • Now, you just need brow gel (Clear Brow Gel-Clear) or glue stick to split the eyebrow into two parts. Make sure the partition remains in the
  • Brush out the hair upward and downward using an eyebrow brush like a bird’s feathers.
  • Fill in and feather out the hair of both sides with eyebrow Perfect Brow Pencil without making it too heavy and spoiling the natural look.Feathered Brows 2
  • Use Highlighting Duo Pencil for a finished look to accentuate the brow by highlighting bone.
  • Remember, if you have your tweezers (Precision Tweezers), brow primer (Brow Primer), pencil (Highlighting Duo Pencil ), and gel (Clear Brow Gel-Clear) with you, no style is impossible for your eyebrow at any occasion. Eyebrows are the key elements that define your look, so don’t risk spoiling them, and don’t be scared to experiment with them. Also, explore the Anastasia Beverly Hills range of products to pamper your eyebrows like never before.

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