Rule 2020 With Variation Eyeliners

The Retro Liner might still be a part of 2020 but Graphic Eyeliners, Floating Crease Eyeliners and Heavy Lower Liners are amongst the up and coming trends. Cleopatra, Twiggy, Prince and Amy Winehouse were amongst the icons to have set eyeliner trends in history. But Boddesses, it’s your time now to keep up with the latest trends and flaunt that eyeliner…with a twist! Here are some of the variations we are currently loving.

  1. Give us an eyeliner, but make it Floating!

Also known as the Floating Crease Eyeliner, this trend is a graphic, Twiggy-like line between the lash line and the brow. Different from a cut-crease which is well blended, the floating liner is rather simple and clean. So sharpen that pencil and create a line bit by bit.

  1.  Feline eyes, but reverse it!/ Reverse Cat Eye is the new Cat Eye

We’re sure all of you Boddesses have aced the cat eye by now. It’s a classic and we love it, but for us this season, we’re all about it’s twin- The Reverse Cat Eye. For the ladies who want an edgier look, this trend focuses on an eyeliner applied on the lower lash line.

  1. Black is Old but White is Bold

Through the years we have played with different shapes and sizes of a black flick. If you think your typical black makes a loud statement.. Think again! A white flick definitely is more eye catching and bold no matter how you wear it.

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