Foundations are available in stick form and in liquid form. If you thought foundation had only one purpose- to create a base, think again… Foundation can also be used over the base for contouring and highlighting to add dimension in the face. You don’t need to invest in multiple products to achieve a sculpted look. Just invest in a shade lighter than your skin tone for highlighting and a few shades darker in the same spectrum as your skin’s undertone for contouring and sculpting.

When we apply a base to our face, the skin tone evens out making our face look flat. Naturally, some parts of our face are higher than the rest, which means the love we get from the sun is focussed more on these areas making our skin tone slightly darker in those spots. After we use our base, it is important to bring back the shadow in these areas to give definition and dimension.

Here are a few tips on where you should highlight and where you should sculpt.


In order to correctly brighten your face and bring out a balance, apply a foundation slightly lighter than your own skin tone in areas which need highlighting- the tops of your cheekbones, under your eye area, down the bridge of your nose and in an upside down triangle on your forehead.

Gently tap the foundation into your skin using a flat brush and further blend in the product using a makeup sponge.


Bring back the correct definition your face needs by applying a foundation a few shades darker than your own skin tone to the hollows of your cheekbones, down the sides of your nose, underneath your chin, on the depths of your temples and around your hairline. Make sure you are choosing a correct foundation suitable for the undertones of your skin tone.

Buff the foundation in perfectly with a brush and blend further with a damp makeup sponge.

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