10 Peach Manicures You Need To Bookmark For Your Next Nail Appointment

5 Viral Skincare Actives That Beat Pigmentation Like A Pro

Take a peek into our anti-pigmentation cheat sheet, and prep your skincare stash to fight coming Summer’s frightful pigmentation.

body butter

Amazing Natural Body Butters for Healthy Skin

A nice all-natural body butter yells “hydration” like nothing else. You need to hydrate your skin because when it is dry, it can crack and …

frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair: How to treat Frizzy Hair During Monsoon

We all love the rain, don’t we? It’s the perfect season for almost everything..except our hair. People with already dry and frizzy hair must be …


Waterproof Eyeliner: How to Choose Your Eyeliner for Rainy Days

Eyeliners are nothing short of revolutionary. They can change the way your eyes look immediately and in turn the whole look of your face. Eyeliners …

No More Office Blues! Quick Tips To Achieve A Fresh Work Look

The goal here is to keep your face looking fresh while hiding any dark circles or blemishes and just lightly accentuating your eyes, cheeks and …


Anti-Aging Products for Skin Tightening

A lot of people disregard anti-aging elements while shopping for skincare because they believe they do not require them. Even a lot of skincare enthusiasts, …


For Every Budget: Affordable Waterproof Mascaras

A Mascara is an essential part of anyone’s makeup bag. This is applicable across spectrums, whether you are the biggest makeup fanatic or the kind …

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